Friday, August 26, 2011

Quartz Clocks

Quartz clocks are clocks that run on batteries. The movements are usually very inexpensive. The wheels are made of plastic and wear out very easily. I have done many replacements. The advantages are that you can make a clock out of something that is not a clock. You could create a personalized gift for someone. If  you have an electric clock that no longer runs and can not find a new motor then you could have it converted to quartz and be able to enjoy it again. They make some very sophisticated quartz movements, with or without pendulums and with chimes.  You can get ones that play Westminster, Whittington, Bim Bam, and Ave Maria. There is also one movement that plays 6 different melodies, Ave Maria, Over the Rainbow, Try to Remember, Happy Birthday, Rudolph, and Westminster.
So if you have a clock that you  love and you have been told it can not be fixed, call me to see if I can put a quartz movement in it.

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